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Happiness Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Happiness is a weird emotion.* Sometimes we know that everything is right, yet we don’t feel happy, and that makes us wonder what’s wrong with us. You can also be happy one second, very nervous the next, very sad the moment after. And why is that?

I feel like a lot of us over-worriers tend to look at everything as ever-fleeting, making it even more short-lived than what it should’ve been. A lot of times we end up subconsciously thinking “Omg this is great, but what happens next? Is this going to last? What can I do to be even happier?”.

We’ve used to try and maximise our happiness so much that we stopped enjoying the moments where we’re actually happy.

I tried doing this and it worked on myself: when you start feeling anxious or worries after a moment of happiness, just yell/say to yourself “I’m happy. I’m excited!” and train yourself to believe that you’re excited when you’re actually meant to be, and that you’re happy when you have all the reasons to be.

Happiness, for a lot of people, doesn’t just happen. Just keep reminding yourself that you deserve to be happy and there’s no need worrying when the happiness is going to end – the key is to take advantage of it while it’s here.

*personal opinion 😉

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  1. I dig this. By nature, I’m a worrier. I might seem like I’m a mad man, but I have had to train myself to be focus on happier thoughts. This week I challenged myself to stop and think of 3 things that I’m grateful for when I feel tempted to complain.

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