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You Deserve It

Why do some people tend to settle for less than what they deserve? Why do we, as people, think we’re not worth it?

If you’re around someone who constantly brings you down, doesn’t believe in you, or generally has a negative view over everything you do or are trying to do, you should do one of two things: 1. Talk to them and kindly ask them to not bring you down at every chance they get. Let them see that you need their support and that their constant disbelief in your capabilities is tearing you down. 2. Distance yourself from them and try shut out the negative voices constantly around you. (this doesn’t mean someone that is trying to provide constructive feedback and help should be cut out of your life, but we do need to start noticing those with a constant negative voice)

If you’re the one constantly talking negatively about yourself and not believing in your capabilities, just know that you’re capable of everything you set your mind to. Tearing yourself down and using words like “stupid” when referring to yourself will, at some point, seep into your mind and make you believe yourself. I know it’s hard to tell when you’re using self-negative talk, but watch out for the warning signs and try to stop yourself from doing it.

Bottom line is: we’re all worth getting whatever we want. We shouldn’t ever limit ourselves because we don’t think we deserve something – you’re just setting limitations to what you can achieve in life.

You deserve it! Do you agree?

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  1. It should be the easiest thing in the world to accept ourselves just as we are, after all we’ve never been anyone else, but it’s not because we spend so much time trying to live up to other people’s expectations of us. It gets easier when we realise that many of those ‘expectations’ are often nothing more than our own self doubt :O) Another great post!

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