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Express Yourself In Drawing

I’ve always loved drawing. I’ll admit that I’m not a natural talent or a genius when it comes to it and my skills are quite limited, but I’ve always loved creating characters out of just a pencil. And not only that, drawings are an incredible way for you to express yourself.

Whenever I’m feeling sad, my drawings reflect that, just like when I’m happy and inspired my drawings also reflect it. The character I’m drawing will show exactly what mood I’m in – and that may range between anxious, depressed, lonely, sad, angry, happy, inspired, serene, grateful, etc.

Writing short stories and drawing kind of go hand in hand for me. What one can’t express, the other will. And it truly helped get some feelings out that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

What the best ways you like to express yourself and let your feelings out?

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  1. Hi EIH! I write a lot of poetry and short stories (fictional). I have limited drawing skills. So, I’m a mixed media artist which requires me to really reach outside the parameters of any box as I’ve handmade everything from vine wreaths with all completely natural elements or other things like pieces of wood that I wood burned different images on.

    I like the idea of “IF” I had the ability to draw the way you do, than I probably would try much harder to develop my lack of drawing skills. As I stated before, I write poetry and none of my chapbooks contain one illustration. Also, I’ve never sold one chapbook either. I think perhaps, that’s the missing link to make my chapbooks more “artistic” is something that I could use on my outer page to be attention grabbing and sum up what that particular chapbook may be about.

    For the longest time I was just writing and compiling my chapbooks and thought to myself, there’s got to be a different approach and you don’t want to sell something that took you four months to complete and have to sell it for $4 as it feels very cheap and as if you’re cheating yourself just to make a sell!

    I ended up taking Art until I graduated in high school. I was in advanced classes in both my Junior and Senior year. Although, it wasn’t based on my drawing merits. I can sketch. I understand movement very well.

    I like charcoals, except for the fact that they’re very messy and get everywhere. It was just quite frustrating but humbling at the same time, to accept what you were good at, excel at that and the other stuff, just do the best you can put forth before you start breaking things out of frustration!

    I love Art though! I agree with your sentiments and I think that everyone should just try something they may have interest in and they may find a new creative outlet. ~

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