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Are We Wearing A Mask?

Everyone acts differently when with different groups of people. We all have our fundamental self that stays constant in different environments, but the way we behave changes depending on who we’re with… or maybe that’s just me.

We behave differently depending on our mood, depending on the day, the week, the month, the year, the decade. We are constantly figuring out elements of ourselves until, at the end, we can take the mask off and look at ourselves in the mirror for the first time. That’s one perspective, at least.

I grew up rolling my eyes in disbelief whenever someone older would say “You’re constantly growing and figuring out new things about yourself…”, because I never believed that. I believed you’re your full self at any point in time. You know who you are always, but you’re also constantly growing and evolving as you experience new things.

What do you think – are we just figuring out who we are? Are we evolving? Are we going through life wearing a mask and pretending we’re someone we’re not?

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  1. I think and my experience is that there are people with a mask, people fake as hell changing in every setting, and there are a few that are real. But no one want to hear the truth or want to hurt peoples feelings except the people that are real. Honest people with integrity often find their self alone because must people want someone around that is going to allowed to be and do whatever they want.
    We come from war and we wear a mask because people would not accept us the way we have become or we think that people would not like us and must definitely would not understand us.

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  2. I think we are constantly trying to figure out who we are. We don’t know how we will react in any given situation because it has not happened before. The best we can do is to live as close to our values and just be ourselves. If someone doesn’t like us for whatever reason, their loss!

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  3. I think we do behave differently with different people because we share different things. We are not the same with colleagues, family or friends because we share different experiences. We are still ourselves though but act differently in different situations. Does that make sense?

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  4. I think our younger selves don’t know who we fully are, so the older we get the more we find out about ourselves. With new life experiences comes change as well. As for wearing a mask? I don’t believe I ever did, I was just very shy and showed my true self to those that I truly trusted and were my best of friends.

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  5. I believe that we’re always ourselves, but that self is always evolving and changing through our experiences and interactions.

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