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I feel trapped. I feel limited by everything around me, by the choices I’ve made, by the life I live.

Why does it feel like my path is narrow and I have no choice of where life is leading me? It’s like at some point in life I was driving around, chose to go into a tunnel and now I can’t get out of it but to keep going. I know where the tunnel is leading me, but this is not the path I want to take. I can’t drive back, so my only choice is to keep going until this tunnel ends and I’m free to pick my path again. But when will it end?

I feel trapped, even if I know it’s probably all in my head. I have choices, so why am I not making them?

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  1. Sometimes we can’t see the little steps that we can take to get past our current situation to reach our ultimate end destination. But in reality baby steps really do count and add up as we progress. If we’re willing to persevere and it’ll make the end destination that much more rewarding. The journey of how we get there is just as important and we should celebrate all the little milestones along the way.

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  2. After a period of growth and positivity, feeling like this can seem like a huge step backwards. Although your conscious mind can’t seem to find a way out, your subconscious is assimilating all the new experiences and information to decide where the next stage of your journey will go. Have faith in yourself and remember that you’ve come out of dark tunnels in the past with renewed clarity and inspiration.

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  3. Here’s some great advice i heard today. Feeling that. Feeling stressed is a choice. You must evaluate what to do to personally or professionally to change, and make a plan. Then act on that plan

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  4. “..and I’m free to pick my path again..”
    You are free to pick your path at any moment, at every moment 😉
    Sometimes the Universe gives us a shake to get our attention .. your ‘uncomfortableness’ atm might be just that ..
    Maybe it’s time to change direction.
    The Universe is always teaching us & guiding us 😘

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  5. You got this! I’m in a similar place right now and the only way I’m getting through it is to spot that maybe faint light at the end to get out. Do something that scares you, even if its going out to eat alone. You might feel liberated or you might not, but at least you did something out of your comfort zone. Its easier to dwell on everything that’s going wrong, but look out for the little things that are going right. Hold on to them tight and then when you think you’re ready take that leap and break away from your ordinary!

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