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Be as Free as a Kid

I remember being a kid and having no worries in the world. I remember thinking about the future and it having endless possibilities, not thinking about the consequences and the obstacles that would come between me and said goal. At that time, everything was possible.

I remember hanging out with my best friend in the entire world thinking we would be the best of friends forever, that life would take us down the same path. We would plan on going to the remote parts of Thailand and explore the wilderness, making weapons out of sticks found in my backyard so we could hunt and feed ourselves.

I remember going through the aisles of the local supermarket with my brother, making up a fake foreign language and speaking to each other in random sounds, so that others would think we were foreigners (because we loved hearing foreigners speak on the streets, they were always so mysterious).

Being that free back then felt like a normal state of mind, now it feels like magic. What I wouldn’t give to have the same imagination and freedom as I did back then, to feel as careless as a kid again.

What do you miss the most from your childhood?

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  1. Being laid back and feeling guilt-less about it. The time when watching Amanda Show, when Britney Spears was everywhere, when Friends was awaited every night on TV by grown ups, playing all the childish video games, and of course, my imagination! Thinkning about it refreshes me now.

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  2. What do I miss?
    The freedom to lay in the grass, reading a book, or cloud watching, using my imagination to see what animals, people they created. Freedom from responsibility except making sure I made it home, on time, for supper!
    Ahh what a glorious time.

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  3. Absolutely, I feel that magic and freedom in my creative writing and art. It’s a time when I truly connect with my inner child and my imagination.

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