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Words Are Powerful

Think about it, in many aspects of life words are powerful (almost too powerful).

Words can be put together to make up your favourite story, to drive inspiration, to tell the world about heartache, to drive people towards the same goal. Words have a lot of power, and it’s how you use them that counts.

Someone may be having the best day of their lives, and it only takes a very rude and impatient customer in a long queue to completely ruin their day. Someone might be having the worst day of their lives and a random compliment from a stranger can help turn their whole day around.

Words have the power to describe both visible and invisible things. You’re able to share experiences in such an intimate way that others feel they were there with you (which is why I love books).

And that is exactly why I tend to pay close attention to the words I use. Depending on my audience, I alter the way I approach something. On a day to day basis I stand clear of negative words that may affect others’ moods around me, and I find that it also improves my mood in general.

No one enjoys being around someone who’s constantly talking about how awful everything is and never looks at the positive side of things, and I don’t want to become that person. I found that, not only do those around me seem to be happier in general, but so am I.

No matter how little, watch out for the words you use on a daily basis and try to swap them out for more positive ones – you might be influencing your loved ones without realising.

Do you know people like that? What advice would you give them to stop all the negativity?

4 thoughts on “Words Are Powerful Leave a comment

    • I just try not to complain or gossip, those are two major gateways into starting up all the negative talk again. Just remind yourself that talking negatively about something doesn’t help you achieve anything, and focus on the positive points instead 🙂 As far as I can tell there are no shortcuts, it’s just about changing your mindset overtime and paying attention to the words you’re using 🙂


  1. I remember the saying as a kid, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can not hurt me.” This is so not true, things others say to us, as well as the things we tell ourselves can either have a negative or positive effect on us.

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