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Exercising & Its Benefits

I will not claim to be a professional and talk all about the scientifically-proven benefits of exercising, but rather from a personal view and personal experience in the past few months. Also: prepare to not have your mind blown by anything I say here – I would assume most of it is quite obvious but I wanted to offer you my experience and what changed after I started exercising.

Before Exercising

Every day I would wake up and have breakfast, get ready and go to work. I would feel a little nauseous when I got to work and didn’t know why. I would then spend the next 4 hours sitting down at my desk doing some work, feel like I was starving at around 11 a.m. and have lunch at 12.30 p.m. Then it would be another 4 hours of sitting down doing work after lunch until it was time to go home.

I always felt exhausted in that last hour of work, and by the time I got out I felt like I had no more energy to be productive with my day. My head was spinning and so I got to the grocery store and would buy a pizza and some dessert full of sugar and calories to help me bring my energy back up.

Probably a lot of you have felt like this before. It feels like a vicious cycle because you don’t have energy to exercise or cook even, so you end up just laying down after work and eating unhealthy foods.

After Exercising

Making the decision to exercise was hard as I constantly felt so tired. I kept feeling that if I went to the gym I would be too tired to exercise and maybe even faint, since my favourite work-out is cardio (treadmill). I couldn’t have been more wrong.

As soon as I started exercising I felt like, the more I ran, the more energy I had. It’s like all the stress and mental fogginess were turning into energy and I wanted to keep running.

Long story short – the more exercised the more energy I had and the more I wanted to exercise. Similarly, this also meant I wanted to eat a lot healthier to keep the energy levels up and fuel my body with nutrients, rather than just sugar. After a couple of months, I finally feel great again and no fogginess after work whatsoever – I might be a little tired but I usually counteract that with some more exercise.

Do you have a similar story? I wasn’t expecting such results just after a couple of months.


PS: I still eat all the foods I ate before, just smaller quantities and cut out processed sugars. But I might talk about specifics of what I eat now later on.

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