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5 Ways to Get Inspired

Keeping inspiration up can be so difficult. This comes from a person with around 25 hobbies (because I get bored of one and tend to move on to another, switching between them), so I should know.

Fortunately, after years struggling to keep inspiration up I have a few useful tools to make sure I keep going and am still inspired by whatever I am doing. Here are a few of my tips:

  1. Ensure you like what you’re doing. That can be writing, photography, painting, drawing, playing music, exercising, etc., but you need to make sure you actually do enjoy it and are not just doing it because it seems cool.
  2. Keep your surroundings organised. If you’re in an organised space, your brain will feel more focused and you will be able to concentrate on whatever task you’re doing. I, for example, cannot draw unless my room is clean as it makes me calmer.
  3. Listen to music. I can’t actually specify what kind of music, as everyone is different. I tend to listen to music I don’t know (can’t sing along) or music with no lyrics whatsoever. Spotify has amazing playlists to help you with this, and whenever I get bored of one playlist I’ll just try another one (plus, sometimes you find some great gems).
  4. Watch motivational videos. It doesn’t even need to be related to what you’re doing. Sometimes watching inspiring talks on YouTube, or high-quality videos with motivation speeches. Simple videos like that can help me feel much more inspired.
  5. Change locations. Choosing a new spot to write, draw, exercise, etc., can really help bring out new ideas. I’m not one person to go to coffee shops for this, but it definitely helps me to go to the seaside or the park. I find this mostly whenever I’m on holiday and start writing on a garden under the sun.

These are just some of my tips on how to get inspired. If you’d like me to share some others, just let me know!

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  1. Hi,

    In your post you make some good point but it is focused only on kind of “passive” way for finding inspiration. I know lot of people who never deal with creation think that inspiration is a kind of gift from thin air, but actually lot of work is needed to become someone trully inspired.
    First working on creative stuff everyday help a lot but I think going out of your comfort zone is also a neccessity. If you constantly draw with pencil you will get good with it, but if you experience other tool you will probably comeback to pencil with new way of thinking the tool and this will help you a lot to be inspired.
    You can also do practical exercice like asking someone to draw a random line and from this line you have to create a coherent scene or character. You can also do stuff like exquisite corpse game, or rewritte the end of a story you like, practice photo collage, work in a style of another artist…

    Well here is just some ideas. Stay creative and thanks for sharing :).

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