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3 Reasons to Use Social Media as a Business

Social Media can be an incredible tool for businesses all around the world – when used correctly. It establishes presence, increases credibility in the business and delivers a message that most other channels of communication just don’t.

Of course, there are many ways of using social media, but I will be focusing on the 3 main ones when writing about this topic: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here are some of the topics social media is great for:

  1. It establishes a corporate personality. You become more believable once your corporate brand identity is established, and social media is a great channel to do this. It gives you a great opportunity to convey your message, but you need to make sure you are being consistent when using different platforms.
  2. You communicate directly with your audience. Even better than phone calls and emails, which may slow down this process, social media allows you to have instant feedback on a promotional campaign, new product, etc., thus being a great tool to have when analysing the market and what you can do to improve your services.
  3. Specifically when using Instagram, you get to control the feeling your company gives out. You can choose to only post positive, light images. If you do this on most social media platforms at the same time, it will create positive feelings to those researching your company.

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