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5 Reasons Why Travelling is so Freeing

Most people love to travel. Visiting new places and enjoying the free time in new locations. Here are some of the reasons I love to travel. What do you think? Do you share these views?

  1. There are no expectations. When you travel (especially if you go alone), no one knows who you are, no one expects anything from you. You are free to do what you most want to do and to enjoy your time the way you want to enjoy it. There is no stress that you might be disappointing someone, that you are late or missing on responsibilities. It’s your chance to disconnect.
  2. There’s a sense of accomplishment. When I travel, it feels like I’ve accomplished something new simply by visiting a new place. Learning about the new cultures, interacting with different people, trying new foods.
  3. You get away from responsibilities. Aside from there not being any expectations, you also get away from responsibilities for a little while. And even though the rise of technology means we don’t get away as much as we used to, disconnecting can be very therapeutic.
  4. It gives you a new perspective on your own life. When you get away from all the worries, you can think more clearly about what really matters when you’re not clouded by all the anxiety. Is it really that important if your bus is late by 5 or 10 minutes? Do you actually care if your flatmate didn’t clean the counter? Realistically, you will probably go back to worrying about all of this once you are back to town, but it doesn’t mean it’s not important to get some perspective on your life.
  5. You get rid of most material possessions. Even if for a short while, not having so many things around you gives you less to worry and think about. You can enjoy time with yourself for once.

While most of us may not be able to afford travelling all the time, the occasions when we can get away feel amazing. Hopefully you share this feeling too!

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