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3 Best Ways to Increase Productivity

We’ve all done it. Started the day thinking we need to be productive, but the responsibilities just get to be too much and you end up watching a TV show and eating chocolate instead. So how can you increase your productivity

  1. Take a shower. I heard this advice once and have applied it every time I feel like I need it. If you started your day off the wrong way and are just being lazy about the things you need to do, taking a shower is a great way to restart your day. It will make you feel clean and feels like it literally “washes the laziness” away.
  2. Make a plan, but don’t focus on each little step. It’s good to write down what you need to do and make a plan, however, be careful not to go into too much detail about this. Making a detailed plan of what you need to do is actually one of the most popular ways of procrastinating, as it will make you feel as if you achieved a lot, when in reality you haven’t even started your task and wasted 2 hours of your day.
  3. Get away from the noise for a little bit. Specially if you are in an office, it is sometimes good to get away from the noise and focus on what you have to do. It goes a long way if you get distracted very easily by each little thing (like me).

 Hope this helps 🙂

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