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Companies face many issues.

Lack of organisation, communication and know-how are some of them. But one that seems to be a constant in business is bad management.

Bad management is a big problem, but here’s one of my least favourite managers in the world – the one that micromanages everything.

Micromanagement is a big issue because it generates an environment where trust is, evidently, lacking. Being watched over every minute of every day, each of your tasks scrutinised and looked over hundreds of times, simply because there is a lack of trust is, to say the least, very demotivating.

Micromanagement brings nothing good to the work place. It is usually an overachiever that needs to be in control of everything. Someone that does not like to give power to others and someone that is afraid of failing on a day-to-day basis.

While mistakes are a part of every day, when someone points out each little thing, even aspects of a task that do not matter, you start doubting yourself. Then you start thinking everything you do is wrong. Then you get demotivated and think you’re worth nothing to your company… but then you get to work with another manager and you realise that the problem does not lie with you. The problem lies with the person who is so excruciatingly afraid of something not going their way that it pains them.

I don’t know how to deal with these types of manager. They don’t listen to you, and they certainly like to let you know that, if you’re not happy, you either find a way to be happy or you can go somewhere else. It’s never their own problem (no matter how many people bring up that same issue), it’s ours.

Micromanagement is something that should be educated at work – as what not to do! It should, at this point in the business world, a requirement that all managers learn how not to become that way.

Remember – you’re only as strong as your team, don’t let them fall apart because of your ego.

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  1. Never had to deal with it as my job involves autonomy most of the time, but if I had to deal with it, I think I would’ve pointed out that we are all professionals here and I would like a bit more freedom with the work that I’m doing. And then I’d throw in a few arguments as to why it would benefit the manager directly if they gave me such an opportunity. 🙂

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