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6 Communication Points to Make You a Better Professional

The area of business I focus on the most is communications. Specially marketing communications.

This is a key area in any organisation, as it is clearly distinguishable when a company has communication at the heart of its business. Communicating is important on all aspects of life, and for business this still holds true.

From internal communications, to emails, social media, blogs, press releases, case studies, interviews, etc., this topic is constantly present. And what happens when there’s no good communications flow in a company? Departments fail to interact, customers are unaware of company updates, brand identity begins to fall apart.

Consistency in your communications is also key. You should not worry about how many times you communicate something to the field, but it is crucial that you maintain a constant flow of information so that it does not overwhelm people when that information finally comes out.

Here are a few key points on communication I find very important:

  1. Know what you’re trying to communicate. Many times, information comes to the person writing a blog post/press release/email that is not complete. The writer may not realise there is information missing at the time, but if you feel like you’re not communicating clearly, you may have to ask for some further information regarding that topic.
  2. Don’t try to write everything as fast as possible. Of course, this does not apply to those tight deadlines, but even in those situations you should get someone else to proofread your work. Truth is, if you feel overwhelmed when writing any piece of information, chances are the reader with also feel overwhelmed.
  3. Go out of your way to gather more information. Do you know when it’s a pleasure to read something? When you know the author has done their research and put their heart and soul into the text.
  4. Tailor content to your audience. Is it internal communications? Create fun content that can include all/most employees. Are you trying to upsell a product? Research that product’s properties and understand it before you write about it. Is it social media? Keep it as light-hearted and engaging as possible to spread the word.
  5. Make sure you’re paying attention to social media. Some people like to complain for no reason, but if you go out of your way to understand where they are coming from, you will make one customer feel very special. Apply this regularly and you’re on your way of creating a strong and caring brand online.
  6. If you utilise different channels of communication, make sure you’re consistent. You don’t want to be overly professional via email, too casual on social media, and you certainly don’t want to be spreading a different message throughout. Of course, different channels require different tones to adapt to that environment, but you want to make sure the underlying message/tone is still there.


There are many more aspects of communication I could go into, but I might save those for a later date!

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