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Office Jobs – 3 Tips to Improve Your Motivation

I know some people love it. And I know some actually strive in an office job – it helps you communicate with your teammates, keeps you focused on finishing your tasks and creates a company culture hard to get otherwise. The thing is: it also demotivates you and kills your creativity at times.

When your job involves a lot of creative tasks and coming up with new ideas all the time, an office job can help kill that side of you. The fact that you’re constantly looking at your computer screen, surrounded by chatter and stressed people, always at the same desk, can cloud your thoughts. I have noticed that, more and more, when I am at the office my thoughts feel cloudy and I cannot come up with amazing ideas… so I have been thinking why that is.

Firstly, my office conditions are not ideal. Secondly, I don’t feel inspired by the work I am doing when there are many questions floating around and people chatting about different topics at all times. Here’s a few things that can help when you find yourself in this situation:

  1. Get the odd days working from home. It can be quite therapeutic to work from home. You’re in the comfort of your own bed, there’s silence, and you can focus on some tasks like you’ve never focused before. But be careful not to turn this into a regular habit, as you can lose touch with your team, lose sight of the company culture, and all together just not feel like you want to work at that point.
  2. Turn your working environment into something you’re comfortable with, if you can. There’s nothing worse than working somewhere you do not feel at home, so make sure to decorate it that way you like it.
  3. Stretch your legs. It is vital that you still move around at work to increase your concentration and motivation levels. Make sure to move around and get a little exercise going.

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