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Benefits of a Balanced Home – 4 Things to Look Out For

Living with people can be hard because you lose control of some key organisational and design aspects. So how can you ensure you are happy with your living situation, so when you come home from work you don’t feel that unnecessary anxiety?

  1. Ensure your room is clean and organised. This one is obvious, but you want to make sure that your room is clean and organised at all times. You may not feel like cleaning when you’re tired, but it sometimes does not actually take longer than 10 minutes and you will feel so much better afterwards.
  2. Decorate however you want it. I, for one, like to have plants, white furniture, candles, colourful vases and a general clean layout. Other people like darker rooms and lots of decorations. Just make sure your room is your one space in the house where you feel truly comfortable.
  3. Trust others. If you live with other people (whether you like them or not), you may feel like they’re always using your stuff. While that can, sometimes, be the case, learn to trust that you can leave some of your stuff in the bathroom, living room, general closets in the hallway. This is a good way to avoid cluttering your room with unnecessary things.
  4. Stop the blame. You may feel like it’s others’ fault when the house isn’t clean – and you might be right. But unless you have a clear way of fixing this (talking to them, creating a cleaning schedule, etc.), you might just have to be okay double-cleaning that counter once in a while. When you look back in 5 years, it really won’t matter.

Or, if you really don’t like living with others, just get a good enough job that allows you to live by yourself. I’d probably go for that one.

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