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Looks Aren’t Everything… But Confidence May Be!

People who spend more time getting ready before going outside tend to be a bit more comfortable regarding the way they look. They know they have done their best to look their best.

Now, people who are naturally ‘flawless’ are usually perceived by their families or friends as ‘most likely to succeed’ based solely on their looks, and this is not entirely true. Physical appearance by itself will not influence whether or not you reach a position of high responsibility in your career, but it could be influenced by factors somewhat similar to this.

Confidence plays a major role on getting a job or a promotion, as confident people seem to be sure of what they are doing and in charge of what happens in their lives. Someone that could be incredibly good at their job will most likely not get the promotion they want if they do not seem confident in what they are doing.

This is linked with my last post. Be who you are, be comfortable in your own skin (not only looks wise but also personality wise) and show the world that you are in charge of what happens in your life. Everyone makes mistakes, but your ability to deal with the consequences generated by these mistakes is a great way to earn respect.

Confidence is beautiful, and so are you.

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