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Clean Master Empire

Hello everyone,

So it is very likely you have heard of these applications before, but they have become one of my favourite collection of apps and they take very good care of your phone.

1. Clean Master
So this would be my favourite one out the group and it has many different usages. First, it cleans the junk in your phone and makes it much faster. Second, it boosts any games you might have in your phone so they run a lot smoother (might consume a bit more battery though. you can opt out of boosting games). Third, it categorises your apps and makes them easier to find.

2. CM Security
This one I just started using. It is pretty fast and easy to use. The design looks amazing and professional and it was actually able to find 2 viruses on my phone, along with a couple of other threats, which I never knew I had. I also uses AppLock, adding extra security to certain apps (you choose which ones) so they’re harder to access when a third party is able to get to your phone. Other pretty nifty usages for this app is link it to your family’s phones, so you know each other’s locations at all times; call blocking; and it has a “Find Phone” feature so it is easy to find your phone should anything happen to it, also being able to block it in case it is stolen.

3. CM Browser
One of the fastest browsers I have ever used and haven’t had any problems with it so far. Apparently also uses less battery and memory.

4. Battery Doctor
This app supposedly increases your phones’ battery life and tells you how much time there is left until it dies. Even though it does look very professional and seems to do its job, I am not sure to what extent it is better than any of the other apps. All it seems to do is stop background applications, which Clean Master and any application manager already do. It doesn’t seem to stop useless apps from starting up again right after you’ve closed them. Still a great app with no great flaws, but doesn’t have any amazing characteristics to it.

5. Photo Grid
Have not used this app much but looks very efficient, fast and easy to use. Can edit photos, put them into groups and overall works like any gallery with a couple more usages. It apparently also allows you to put photos into the Instagram square shape without you losing much of the photo. Have not tried this feature to a great extent.

6. AnTuTu Benchmark
Great benchmarking app and provides you information about your phone you’d probably never know about if you didn’t have the app. Also lets you run a number of tests to have a more comprehensive overview of your phone’s performance. If you want to get a new phone, it lets you search for better alternatives after evaluating your phone’s performance. I do not use this for much but cannot deny it is a great app.

7. CM Backup
I do not use this app, do not trust it. It has great reviews though, so might be something to look into (I still prefer physically backing my data to an external hard drive).

Thanks for reading, and please do let me know if there are any more usages for these apps that I do not yet know about.

Also, if you can, share this blog so it reaches a higher audience 🙂

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